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Advertising & Figural Tape Measures, A Collector's Guide
The Aloha Shirt, History of Hawaiian Shirts
For the Record, The Life and Work of Alex Steinweiss, the Inventor of the Album Cover
Wheels Across America, A Graphic History of Vehicular Transportation
Modern Packaging Encyclopedia for 1959
This is Venice, M. Sasek
Once Upon A Time, An Illustrated Social History of the Telephone
Turner's Carolina Almanac, 1941
See All of Louisiana pamphlet, c. 1945
Discover Australia pamphlet, c. 1954
Sexology, Sex Science Illustrated February 1959
Official Airline Guide to Air Travel, March 1968
New York State Vacationlands, World's Fair Edition, 1964
Western Union Traveler's Souvenir & Cable Code Book, 1938
The Practical Home & School Educator, 1909
Watkin's Hearthside Cookbook, 1952
Rafael Laffon's Tourist Guide to Seville, 1966
Rand McNally's Globe Guide, 1950
Our Town, Fourth Grade Reader, 1968
You & The Neighborhood, Elementary Reader, 1963
Picture Map Geography of the Pacific Islands, 1945
Vermont Life, all issues from 1955-57
Greetings from New Jersey, A Postcard Tour of the Garden State
The Vintage House Book, Classic American Homes from 1880-1980
This Fabulous Century, each issue from 1870 to 1970
Standard Textbook of Cosmetology of Aladdin Beauty Colleges, 1972
Practice and Science of Standard Barbering of Texas Barber College, 1967
Collecting Political Americana, 1980
America Explored, A Cartographic History of the Exploration of North America, 1974
The International Cyclopedia of Monograms, 1910
Sloan's Victorian Buildings, (1850 edition) Illustrations and Floor Plans for 56 Residences and Other Structures, 1980
Gas Station Memorabilia, A Collector's Guide
Birth of an Industry, A Nostalgic Collection of Airline Schedules 1929-1939
Holiday Magazine, May 66, April & June 69
Illustrated Road Book of Scotland, 1960
Vanity Fair, March 1935
Various Florida Attraction pamphlets, c.1955