Funny heads.

$3 eBay snag.

Great color palette. Suck it Kuler!
Some new work...

Warning, Blatant Self Promotion.

In addition to posting my portfolio on Workbook, I recently signed on to Alt Pick. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign up with iSpot and Agency Access at some point, and have been actively pursuing a representative, with some success. Somebody's blog somewhere saw the work, and gave me a nice review, 
Michael Newhouse specializes in infographic illustrations, particularly maps and diagrams. He does a splendid job at bringing flair to an otherwise boring subject. His logo work is also lovely; be sure to flip through them under the Logos tab. 

I've been working hard on the web site, and a general portfolio organization, and it feels like a housecleaning. The site's up now, and still has some tweaks, but the mailings I've been doing are generating a lot of page views. (The whole page view/hit stats are still confusing, but a jump from 100 to 1200 in one day indicates that people are looking at the site after getting my promo.)

In a perfect world, there's a rep or two that present projects that are bigger than my previous stuff, thus increasing my bottom line. I have always been fortunate at the quality of work which I'm asked to do, and I think that's a direct reflection on my clients - art directors and designers that value my contribution, and do great work themselves. Between the two of us, the projects look good and work well.  I get a lot of repeat work. 

So here, I'll be showing some snippets of my recent work. Enjoy (and comment).
From 1976 Redbook Magazine, entitled
"Isn't this the way he wants you to look?"