Library updates

Advertising & Figural Tape Measures, A Collector's Guide
The Aloha Shirt, History of Hawaiian Shirts
For the Record, The Life and Work of Alex Steinweiss, the Inventor of the Album Cover
Wheels Across America, A Graphic History of Vehicular Transportation
Modern Packaging Encyclopedia for 1959
This is Venice, M. Sasek
Once Upon A Time, An Illustrated Social History of the Telephone
Turner's Carolina Almanac, 1941
See All of Louisiana pamphlet, c. 1945
Discover Australia pamphlet, c. 1954
Sexology, Sex Science Illustrated February 1959
Official Airline Guide to Air Travel, March 1968
New York State Vacationlands, World's Fair Edition, 1964
Western Union Traveler's Souvenir & Cable Code Book, 1938
The Practical Home & School Educator, 1909
Watkin's Hearthside Cookbook, 1952
Rafael Laffon's Tourist Guide to Seville, 1966
Rand McNally's Globe Guide, 1950
Our Town, Fourth Grade Reader, 1968
You & The Neighborhood, Elementary Reader, 1963
Picture Map Geography of the Pacific Islands, 1945
Vermont Life, all issues from 1955-57
Greetings from New Jersey, A Postcard Tour of the Garden State
The Vintage House Book, Classic American Homes from 1880-1980
This Fabulous Century, each issue from 1870 to 1970
Standard Textbook of Cosmetology of Aladdin Beauty Colleges, 1972
Practice and Science of Standard Barbering of Texas Barber College, 1967
Collecting Political Americana, 1980
America Explored, A Cartographic History of the Exploration of North America, 1974
The International Cyclopedia of Monograms, 1910
Sloan's Victorian Buildings, (1850 edition) Illustrations and Floor Plans for 56 Residences and Other Structures, 1980
Gas Station Memorabilia, A Collector's Guide
Birth of an Industry, A Nostalgic Collection of Airline Schedules 1929-1939
Holiday Magazine, May 66, April & June 69
Illustrated Road Book of Scotland, 1960
Vanity Fair, March 1935
Various Florida Attraction pamphlets, c.1955
Funny heads.

$3 eBay snag.

Great color palette. Suck it Kuler!
Some new work...

Warning, Blatant Self Promotion.

In addition to posting my portfolio on Workbook, I recently signed on to Alt Pick. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign up with iSpot and Agency Access at some point, and have been actively pursuing a representative, with some success. Somebody's blog somewhere saw the work, and gave me a nice review, 
Michael Newhouse specializes in infographic illustrations, particularly maps and diagrams. He does a splendid job at bringing flair to an otherwise boring subject. His logo work is also lovely; be sure to flip through them under the Logos tab. 

I've been working hard on the web site, and a general portfolio organization, and it feels like a housecleaning. The site's up now, and still has some tweaks, but the mailings I've been doing are generating a lot of page views. (The whole page view/hit stats are still confusing, but a jump from 100 to 1200 in one day indicates that people are looking at the site after getting my promo.)

In a perfect world, there's a rep or two that present projects that are bigger than my previous stuff, thus increasing my bottom line. I have always been fortunate at the quality of work which I'm asked to do, and I think that's a direct reflection on my clients - art directors and designers that value my contribution, and do great work themselves. Between the two of us, the projects look good and work well.  I get a lot of repeat work. 

So here, I'll be showing some snippets of my recent work. Enjoy (and comment).
From 1976 Redbook Magazine, entitled
"Isn't this the way he wants you to look?"

On our recent pilgrimage to the South, I made a run whenever possible to every used bookstore or antique mall (ew, yes, I know, but hey) I could find. Lots of children's books, textbooks, travel ephemera, reference books - you name it, Meta says I bought it.

Additions to the Library.

Board games
The Game of Junior Executive, 1955
Know Your States Flashcards, 1953


A History of Our Country, 1950 
Health: A Total Program for Health, Safety and Fitness for the Second Grade (Teachers Edition) 1966
Health & Fitness, 1957
Working Together: New Unified Social Studies, 1959
In All Our States, 1961
Numbers We See, Teachers Edition, 1948
Voices of America: Together We Sing, 1963
Exploring Our Country: New Unified Social Studies, 1965
The Treat Shop Treasury of Literature, 1960
The Merry Go Round Treasury of Literature 1960
May I Come In? Literature for children, 1979

Kids books
Fun with ABC and 123, 1965
Little Red Cap, 1964
Fly-Away at the Air Show, 1962
Some Folks Went West, 1960
A Child's Garden of Verses, 1951
Golden Book of Little Verses, 1962
Golden Book Pick Up Sticks, 1962
A Little Golden Book of Cars, 1973
The Airport: Our Link to the Sky, 1961
What Makes A Shadow, 1962
Prove It!, 1963

Coloring Books
The Big, Big Story Book, 1944
United States Coloring Book, 1959

Praise for the cook, Crisco cookbook 1959
The Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Eating Places, 1950
Betty Crocker's Party Book, 1960

Atlases & Maps
Great Cities of the World In Maps & Photos, 1953
Golden Book Picture Atlas of the World, 6 volume set, 1960
Hart's Tourist Map of Lower Manhattan, 1965
The Child's World: Countries & Their Children, 1951
An Illustrated Atlas for Young Americans: The Fascinating World of Maps, 1967
Around the World with the American Geographical Society 6-volumes, 1961

Tourism Ephemera
This Is Arkansas, 1961
The Chevron Trail Through The Scenic West, 1955
Rules of the Road: Illinois, 1954
Six Flags Map, ca. 1975
Arkansas Official 1974 Tour Guide
New York World's Fair, 1965 Official Guide
Vintage road maps of Michigan, New York, San Francisco, Albuquerque & Guatemala
Busch Gardens Map, ca 1982
Various Enco, Chevron, Gray Line Maps
Automobile Club of Southern california map, 1948

The Complete Guide to Vintage Children's Records
Hankerchiefs, A Collector's Guide
Let's Go Bowling
Changing faces, George Tscherny's Collections
Design Humor: The Art of Graphic Wit
Radical Graphics
Mortimer Leach's Lettering for Advertising, 1956
Roadside Americana: Gas, Food, Lodging
A Must See: Brilliant Vintage Broadway Artwork
Window to the Future: the Golden Age of Television Marketing & Advertising
The American Bandanna: Culture on Cloth from George Washington to Elvis
May I Take Your Order? American Menu Design from 1920 to 1960
The Advertising Illustration, Cartoon & Realistic Illustration Clip Book, 1973

Billig's Philatelic Handbook, 19th Century United States Fancy Cancellations, 1972
United States Stamp Catalog (Specialized) 1969
US Covers & Postal History, 1992, 1993 & 1994

Tim Biskup, The Jackson 500 Volume Three

Jorge Luis Borges, A Life

Venture, The Traveler's World; Family Circles, Pilot, the Voice of General Aviation, Boy's Life, Holiday and Flying: The World's Most Widely Read Aviation Magazine - 40s, 50s & 60s

Since I've bought everything like this in Montana already, I just needed some new stuff.
This should last me a couple of weeks.
Linzie Hunter makes great art from spam and posts it on her flickr page. 

from "American Symbols" Ernst Lehner 1966
Most of the book is on Flickr.

from 1958, Ben & Ed Hunt. "101 Alphabets" More of the book on Flickr.