NY Discoveries and Rediscoveries, Part 2

More NY discoveries and reminders of old favorites...

Warabe Kimika, although there's a very large 'inspiration' from Dick Bruna.

Tupera Tupera.

Tom Toys.

Toda Koshiro and the Kinder Color Series.

Taro Miura. The book is called 'Tools.'

I've redisovered Esphyr Slobodkina, American Modernist. She's like Stuart Davis, but without all the words.

Robot Lilliput, robot toy giant.

Ragnar Aalbu from Norway.

Oskar Schlemmer, a master of the Bauhaus theater.

There is a new collection of Olle Eksell's work.

The Precisionists. Shown here, Niles Spencer. There's also Charles Sheeler and Arthur Dove.